Episode #10: Iranian Cinephile Culture

Welcome to the 10th episode of the Hello Cinema Podcast. In today’s conversation, we mostly discuss Amir’s trip to Tehran and have a look at the film-going culture, the cinephile community, the state of old and modern cinemas in Tehran and the city’s Museum of Cinema. We also have a look at two films that were recently on screens in Tehran after makings the rounds in European and Asian festivals in 2014: Shahram Mokri’s Fish & Cat (Gorbeh va Maahi) and Nima Javidi’s Melbourne. Both films are significant artistic achievements, the former a unique, formally ambitious horror film shot in a single take, and the latter an intense family drama indebted to the recent works of Asghar Farhadi with two superb performances by the film’s leads, Peiman Maadi and Negar Javaherian.

Furthermore, we discuss the three Iranian films that will be playing at the Berlin Film Festival this February, as well as our upcoming events at TIFF, where the Toronto organization will screen a series of Iranian films. Tina will be introducing Abbas Kiarostami’s Close-up and Asghar Farhadi’s A Separation. Amir will introducing Dariush Mehrjui’s Hamoun. Details for this series can be found here.

Introduction 0:00-3:02
Cinemas in Tehran 3:03-11:53
Cinephilia in Iran 11:54-18:18
Tehran’s Museum of Cinema 18:19-23:08
Shahram Mokri’s Fish & Cat 23:09-27:47
Nima Javidi’s Melbourne 27:48-30:35
Cinematheque Screenings in Tehran 30:36-32:14
Old Tehran and Pre-revolutionary Cinemas 32:15-32:25
Iranian Films at Berlinale 32:26-39:10
Closing 39:11-40:54

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Music: “Sonatine” by Maziar Heidari

*Correction: Reza Attaran’s Red Carpet was not considered for Academy Award submission.